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Man Flushes Nails Down Toilets of Eagan Businesses

There are many things that most people understand are to not be flushed down toilets. In the case of one man, he purposely went into the restrooms of Egan businesses and flushed pounds of nails down their toilets, causing thousands of dollars in damages. According to the criminal complaint, police were dispatched to an Eagan… Read more »

Chemicals that Minnesotans Should Not Pour Down the Drain

Minnesotans have heard it: they are to not put certain things down their drain. The latest ban is on triclosan, an ingredient used in antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, toothpaste, and deodorants. Minnesota is the first state to implement this ban, which will in time make tricolsan containing products not available in Minnesota. It is believed… Read more »

New Brighton Sewer Line Damaged by Storm Winds

It isn’t often that you hear about a sewer line being damaged by wind, but it did happen in New Brighton. On August 18, a storm moved through that blew over a tree that raised a sewer line out of the ground via the tree’s roots. Some residents living close to the affected line stated… Read more »

Unpleasant Sewer Backups Plague Mound Residents

One suburb in the Twin Cities had to deal with a major issue that caused them to send untreated wastewater into lakes. Now, the City of Mound is warning people to not get in the water because it could be contaminated with E. coli This mess came about after two days of heavy rains overwhelmed… Read more »

Triclosan will No Longer be Found in Minnesota Sewers

Although triclosan does not cause a direct issue with the sewer system, or at least not yet, it is a major problem that is associated with Americans’ obsession with antibacterial products. While many people enjoy sanitizing their hands after touching a shopping cart or using a public restroom, the amount of anti-bacterial products that are… Read more »

Tile Drainage Growing by the Foot in Minnesota and Beyond

The University of Minnesota Extension Service has estimated that nearly 100 million feet of tile, which is close to 19,000 miles, has been installed in Minnesota. Thousands of miles of plastic pipe has been buried under many farm fields throughout the state as farmers invest in field drainage technology that helps them get a much… Read more »

Roots in Drains Need Addressed in Twin Cities

Imagine this: There is a fast food restaurant that averages around $1,500 per day in revenue. If it operates 365 days a year, that’s around $547,500 per year. But if that restaurant would close because a drain line to the grease trap became clogged, a lot of revenue is lost because they can’t operate. For… Read more »