Get Rid of Kitchen Odors with Clogged Drain Cleaning

If you have noticed that your kitchen smells less-than-fresh, you might consider it to be a pretty big turn-off. After all, your kitchen is supposed to be filled with the enticing smells of what you are cooking and baking, not of icky old food odors. Not only can it be a turn-off for you — particularly if you are the one who has to spend time in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning up! — but it can be a turn-off for your entire family and anyone who walks in the door.

Making sure that your kitchen is nice and clean is often not enough to get rid of kitchen odors. No matter how many times you wipe down your counters or look in your refrigerator, you might not catch or repair the cause of the problem — your kitchen sink drain. Unfortunately, a clogged kitchen sink drain can make the entire kitchen smell rather rancid, and the smell will only get worse as any stuck food particles begin to rot.

Plus, a clogged kitchen sink drain can cause other problems, too, such as not draining properly and causing plumbing problems that can be expensive to fix. This is why it’s critical to address the problem immediately. If you do, you can get rid of icky kitchen odors and can prevent other problems, too.

Instead of attempting to do it yourself with drain clogging chemicals, which might not work effectively, it is best to use a professional clogged drain cleaning service. If you would like to have your kitchen drain professionally cleaned, contact us at SOS Drain & Sewer today. Along with helping in your kitchen, we can help with other drains in your home as well, such as in your shower or bathroom sink.