Dealing with a Tough Drain Clog? High Pressure Washing Can Help.

Are you have trouble with a clogged drain that you just can’t seem to clear? In many cases, clearing a clogged drain can be accomplished by using a simple snake tool. But when there is substantial build up of hardened grease, soap residue, sand, mud, or other substances, a snake tool may only be able to punch a hole through the accumulation instead of actually clearing the pipe. If this occurs, using a high pressure washer is the ideal solution.

High pressure washers use powerful streams of water (sometimes up to 4,200 psi!) blasted through tiny nozzles of a PEX tube to cut build up from a pipe’s inner lining. The process effectively strips the the pipe clean by breaking up the hardened blockage so that it drains easily. For a look at how fast and effective this process can be, take look at this fantastic demonstration video on YouTube.

One of the best attributes of high pressure washing is that it’s an extremely versatile method. It can be used effectively to clear sewer drains, septic systems, gutter/landscaping drains and more. It’s also nonrestrictive in that it’s safe to use in both residential and commercial areas.

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