Minnesota Drain Cleaning Before Disaster Strikes

At SOS Drain and Sewer Service, we are happy to help our Minneapolis and St. Paul neighbors when they have plumbing problems.

Still, there are times that a homeowner should consider calling a drain professional even if there is not a major problem. The sewage system may seem fine, or there may be small clues can hint at a big problem down the road.

Here are a few situations when an inspection might be a great idea:

  • if you hear gurgling sounds in sewer pipes
  • if a faint sewer odor is coming into the home
  • if there are shrubs within 10 feet of the main sewer line
  • if there are trees within 20 feet of the main sewer line
  • if the main sewer line is more than 20 years old
  • if you recently purchased an older home

If you hear gurgling or smell sewer gas, there is a chance that roots or other materials have damaged the main sewer line. While there may not be any immediate trouble, it’s probably only a matter of time before the line fails. When it does, raw sewerage will enter your home and you will have a costly and time-consuming mess.

Perhaps everything is going well with your sewage system; it may just be a long time since a professional has inspected the main line. Wouldn’t you feel good knowing that a professional made a proper inspection? Taking care of potential issues before damage occurs can save thousands of dollars. Often, all that is needed is a drain cleaning of the main line. How much better you will feel knowing that the sewer line is in good working order!

If you have any questions about potential problems with your sewage drains, Please contact us. We’re happy to help in any way we can.