How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Main Sewer Line?

What Affects How Much Main Line Sewer Repairs Will Cost?

With any repair or replacement you need to make, there is one question that is at the front of your mind — how much is that going to cost? With main sewer line issues, you can expect the answer, in most cases, to be a significant number. Of course, it is important to remember that prices differ depending on the situation. What a main line sewer repair cost for your neighbor might be different for you. It is not just about how your home is laid out, but it is about the job that needs to be done.

You can expect to spend a couple thousand dollars when it comes to a main line sewer repair. It is the line in which all other drains connect to, after all. It plays an important role and can be difficult to repair because it is underground. There are a few things that can cause the price to fluctuate.

Digging Up The Pipe

Anytime you have a main line sewer issue that will require them to physically dig up the pipe for any stretch, it will cause the cost of the repair to rise sharply. The more complex this becomes, the more it will cost. For example, simply digging up your lawn will be on the low end of the spectrum. If they need to remove landscaping, this will add a bit more. Finally, if the replacement or repair requires them to drill through concrete, like a sidewalk, driveway, or patio, this will be the most expensive part. The more difficult the main line is to access, the more costly it is to repair.


If your main sewer line is simply obstructed via a clog, the repair can actually be quite cheap. Unfortunately, for clogs caused by tree roots, for example, this means there is a breach in the pipe. In many cases, this could mean you need main sewer line replacement. Unfortunately, that is the most expensive repair that can be done.

Pipe Collapse

A lot of issues that can indicate a clog in the main sewer line can actually be caused by a collapse in the main sewer line. When this happens, there are no trenchless repair options that will fix it. The pipe has deteriorated so much that it has caved in. The only option is to replace it. Depending on the other factors, and how much pipe needs to be replaced, this could be between $50 to $250 per foot. In many cases, sometimes a complete replacement is necessary because a collapse is imminent in multiple areas of the line.

Clean Up

You can and should expect the contractor that installs your new main sewer line to clean up after themselves. For some companies, this can be as simple as moving the dirt back and calling it a day. If they had to do a substantial amount, like removing concrete or removing landscaping, it will cost more to replace it. If they just needed to dig up your lawn, the price will likely be lower. You are essentially, just paying for the labor.

While all of these variable can affect the price of your main line sewer repair, the only way to know for sure is to get a quote from a professional. Do you have symptoms of main line sewer problems? It isn’t something you should ignore. Doing so can easily see small problems become major emergencies. If you are looking to find out what is wrong and get it fixed up fast, contact us today to see what SOS Drain & Sewer can do to help.