Five Things Everyone Should Know About Clogged Drain Cleaning

You may think you know a lot about clogged drain cleaning; well, let’s make sure. Here are five things that everyone should know.

  • First thing: The first thing is that running hot water regularly through drains helps to prevent clogs. You should do this at least weekly to help melt grease deposits that build up on the interior walls of pipes.
  • Second thing: Your washing machine can make drains vulnerable to clogs. Watch out for drain sluggishness when you’re using the washing machine to see if the machine might be the culprit. Try to avoid washing loads back-to-back to keep drains clearer and cleaner.
  • Third thing: Getting your drains cleaned professionally offers strong prevention against clogs. Professional cleanings remove more debris than chemical products. With the use of high-tech sewer jetting, your drains will be running almost like new.
  • Fourth thing: Using cold water when running a garbage disposal helps keep drains cleaner. This is because cold keeps oil and grease in solid form, whereas hot water melts oil and grease. Melted oil and grease can coat the insides of pipes and cause clogs.
  • Fifth thing: To avoid clogging your kitchen drain, learn what you should and shouldn’t put in the garbage disposal. Items such as bones, potato peels, artichoke leaves, and large pieces of food can damage a disposal and lead to clogs.

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