Your Clogged Drain Cleaning Crisis Started with…..

This is probably the whole list.

There are 4 main drains that can clog inside a home: kitchen, sink, shower, toilet. While clogs are inevitable, a list of the usual suspects to keep under control should help you stay “unplugged” as long as possible!

Kitchen sink:

  • Grease. This belongs in a theater near you, not anywhere near your kitchen drain.
  • Food. Due diligence when scraping plates takes mere seconds and forestalls drain cleaning. And keep a special watch on pasta noodles. Sitting in your drain pipes gives them time to expand further, clog, aggravate…….
  • Coffee grinds. The best part of waking up could likely be clogging up your kitchen drain. Even the finest grind ever would be better in your compost pile. If you have one.

Bathroom sink:

  • Hair. Again, an entertaining movie/stage play, but a notorious clogger. Preventive measures help, but they don’t totally eliminate a clogged drain cleaning for sinks.
  • Soap. Remember, bars of soap are solid. They can, over time, combine with hair and other debris to plug up your sink. Even liquid soap is not above suspicion. This information is by no means a license to stop using soap(s), however.


  •  In addition to soap, your shampoo and even bath salts (while awesome and worthwhile) gradually add to your drain clog.

Toilet (the catch-all)

  • Toilet paper. Seriously. The toilet sometimes appears all-devouring, but toilet paper, while biodegradable, occasionally comes back to haunt us. Diligence in not overstuffing the toilet is best.
  • “Disposable” baby products. For disposal, a trash receptacle substitutes nicely.
  • Children’s toys. Wonder where Buzz Lightyear is? In the toilet…and beyond!
  • Paper, plastic or cotton personal hygiene-related items. Again, a trash can works best.

When you’re in over your head (so to speak)

Clogs happen. When they happen constantly, or more serious plumbing problems arise, contact us for a quality rescue that won’t drain your wallet!